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in Essen, ca.60 qm


This great apartment on Ehrenzeller Str. 87 with a patio-like balcony consists of two bedrooms, a kitchen, a two bathrooms. The balcony can be entered through an open living and hallway space. The ground floor of
 the apartment can be described as well structured and functional at the same time.If you wish, you will get an all new priming coat since the wall paint is in used condition at this point in time.The apartment is mostly equipped with laminate which is in neat but used condition, the bathrooms are tilled.

The apartment is widely equipped with laminate. The bathrooms are tilled with ceramic tiles. All rooms are isolated with double-glassed windows. The rooms are all flooded with light, except for the second bathroom and the store-room which are positioned in the middle of the apartment and separated. The walls will be freshly painted if wished by the tenant as the wall paint
has been used before.

At a glance:  

ca.60 m²
Rooms: 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom
Floor: 3 floor
Balkony: yes
Condition: top,renovared
Garden: no
need passport 165,00 Kwh/m²•a / Gas

monthly rent: € 320,00
additional monthly costs: € 110,00

one time deposit:
2 monthly rent

• All details are based on information provided by the seller, no-one is entitled to make any further statements unless
   these are confirmed by the seller.

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